Cost Overview

Raising the funds for a monument of this magnitude is no small task, but we continue to push toward our $21 million goal. To give us a head start on the challenge of long-term operations and maintenance support, we have included an endowment that will provide a period of continuity and funding as the project transitions from construction into stable future operations.

The budget below outlines our total expenses:

Pre-construction Design, Engineering, & Drawings $1,638,000
Land Acquisition $2,240,000
Monument Construction $7,738,000
Lighting and Landscaping $1,060,000
Visitor & STEM Center $2,120,000
Evolution of Flight Park Walls & Landscaping $2,756,000
8 Initial Park Sculptures $754,200
Contingency Estimate $1,060,000
Maintenance Endowment $2,000,000
Public Awareness and Promotion $500,000
Total Estimated Project Cost $21,866,000
Funded (or Pledged) To-Date $2,672,000