Why Ohio?

From the prairies of makeshift runways to the powder of the lunar surface, Ohio has pushed the evolution of flight from the earth through the reaches of our solar system. Now, it is the home to one of the nation’s largest aviation/aerospace industries. Beyond the heroes with household names that will live on forever, Ohio has also produced thousands of skilled craftsmen, support personnel, designers, and dedicated workers. Their legacy is secure in history’s narrative, and they deserve a grand thank you situated in the state they helped make great.

Further, 53% of the United States population lives within a day’s drive of the monument location. This provides an excellent opportunity for aviation lovers, visitors, and buses of school children to visit America’s next great monument.

Here are some facts and figures that make Ohio special when it comes to flight and pushing boundaries ever higher:

  • In 2015, PricewaterhouseCoopers rated Ohio as having the largest aviation/aerospace industry of all 50 states.
  • Ohio is the #1 state supplier to both Boeing and Airbus
  • Ohio is the #3 state supplier to Northrop Grumman
  • 1300+ aviation and aerospace companies
  • 41,000 aviation and aerospace skilled workers
  • Ohio supplies 17% of US aircraft engine and parts production
  • 21 Ohio universities have aviation/aerospace programs.
  • Ohio has two preeminent government aerospace R & D centers.
  • According to Chmura Economics & Analytics, Ohio still has much unrealized aviation/aerospace industry growth potential.

Whether speaking in geographic terms or in relation to the aviation and aerospace communities, Ohio remains “the heart of it all.”