Project Updates

Much work has already been completed for the Triumph of Flight. Here is a partial list of project accomplishments to date, which is current as of July 2017:


  • Land committed
  • Initial soil sampling
  • Initial design
  • Highway and FAA Approvals
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Structural engineers onboard
  • Endorsement of state and local government (including $250,000 authorized by the State of Ohio
  • Over 2.1 million of the $21 million total project cost covered.


  • Budget bid study
  • Maintenance endowment study
  • Legislation for Ohio Aviation Hall of Fame
  • STEM program partnership
  • Final zoning and site approvals
  • Partnerships with major donors

Check back often as this list will be updated with new completed tasks as we get closer to the final look of this beautiful monument.