From the SAND to the Stars

Soaring proudly over the intersection of I-70 and I-75, very near where the world’s first practical airplane captured the imagination of that world and gave birth to the history-changing aviation/aerospace industry, the Triumph of Flight will memorialize the Wright Brothers’ achievement of flight and Ohio’s continuously prominent role in its evolution. It will attract world-wide attention and brand Ohio as the “Birthplace of Aviation” – the soul of our nation’s aviation heritage and the heart of its aviation/aerospace industry.

Wright Image Group Statement on COVID-19, December 2020:

For much of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented uncertainty and severely curtailed activity. For us, it all but eliminated the opportunity to engage with our current contributors or to forge new partnerships throughout the country. Therefore, our response to the pandemic has been to put further fundraising efforts on hold and, in the interim, to revisit our vision and reevaluate our path to success. We continue to believe that the Triumph of Flight monument offers an opportunity, unlike any other, to celebrate how the phenomenon of FLIGHT forever changed the world. What better location for such a tribute than Dayton Ohio – home of the Wright Brothers, birthplace of the world’s first practical airplane, heart of the National Aviation Heritage Area, and finally, host to a vibrant aviation and aerospace industry. We remain grateful for all our current and past supporters and we ask for your patience as we work through these challenging times. As soon as practical, an update will be posted here with new details on a revised vision and a fresh path forward.

Experience the Triumph!

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