Wright Image Group

The effort to build the Triumph of Flight monument is spearheaded by The Wright Image Group, a non-profit organization comprised of business, government, and philanthropic leaders. Incorporated in April 2005, we are a 501 (c) (3) organization. Our singular purpose is to build a national monument to the achievement of flight. We welcome your assistance in seeing that vision become reality. Our goal is to raise $12 million through donations, sponsorships, and grants. To date, we have raised nearly 5% of that amount, and anticipate launching a major capital campaign no later than 2025.

Our Board of Directors meets monthly, supported by separate committee meetings and an open membership meeting in December of each year for the election of directors. We are always interested in reaching out, please click on the highlighted/linked names below to send an email.


Curt Nelson
Executive Director

Bill Koop
Director – Development

Byron Kentner
Director – Public Information

Steve Brown
Director – Design & Engineering


Jacqie Nawroth


Jim Butler

Linda Ohlmann Kahn

Tom Kleptz

Amanda Wright Lane

Judge Walter Rice

Paul Selm

Jim Woodford

Directors Emeriti

Walt Hoy – Founder

Franz Hoge

Al Leland

Anthony Perfilio

Sandy Anderson

Joseph Lehman